Gravity Bridge Validator (GRAVITON)
Gravity Bridge

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Every block (~6 Seconds)

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About Gravity Bridge

Gravity bridge chain is an open and decentralized bridge that unlocks interoperability and liquidity between blockchain ecosystems. Gravity bridge chain acts as neutral ethereum to cosmos bridge. Through Interblockchain communication (IBC), many cosmos projects can connect and use the bridge to access ERC20 assets, without having to operate the gravity orchestrator on their own chain.

Staking Guide & Instructions

Stake your GRAVITON tokens in a few clicks by following these steps:

The easiest way to stake GRAVITON is via Keplr.

  1. Head to

  2. Connect to the Keplr wallet (installation:

  3. Find "Terminet" in the Gravity Bridge validator set and click the “manage” button.

  4. Click “Delegate”.

  5. Enter the amount you want to delegate. Remember to keep some $GRAV available to pay for transaction fees.

  6. Click “Delegate” and then click “Approve” to approve the transaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Gravity Bridge?

    Gravity Bridge is a decentralized, permissionless ETH<>Cosmos bridge.

    The Gravity Bridge blockchain is the trustless, neutral bridge between Ethereum and the Cosmos ecosystem.

    Neutral means that the entire focus of the Gravity community is on providing the most effective and secure bridge possible, instead of on a DeFi application on the local chain.

    Gravity Bridge protocol is a radically simple bridge design, focused on providing better security by eliminating design complexity.

  • What is Graviton token?

    Graviton ($GRAV) is the Gravity Bridge native token. $GRAV is used to pay gas fees, participate in governance and staking. The validators employ $GRAV to secure the bridge, which contains the native assets bridged on Ethereum.

  • Where can I acquire Gravity Bridge tokens?

    Presently there are three exchanges (and growing) where you will find $GRAV and Gravity bridged assets.




  • What are the wallets available for Gravity Bridge?

    Kepler wallet fully supports Gravity Bridge and the Graviton token. Using this wallet you can send, IBC send, and stake Gravitons. You can also participate in governance and voting via Keplr by clicking the “stake button” and then selecting the governance page.

    Cosmostation mobile wallet app is another recommended wallet with full feature support.

  • What is staking on Gravity Bridge?

    Gravity Bridge is a Cosmos eco-blockchain based on the POS consensus mechanism.

    Staking means participating in the consensus of Gravity Bridge by setting up a validator node or by delegating your GRAVITON tokens to a validator node to maintain network security.

    Staking GRAVITON generates revenue as an incentive to stake and provide security, which comes from transaction fees charged by Gravity Bridge and tokens distributed to the stakeholder as a result of its inflationary incentive policy

  • How do I earn rewards with GRAVITON($GRAV)?

    Simply connect your wallet and stake your GRAVITON. The rewards are paid out on a per block basis. You can choose to withdraw your rewards back to your wallet or compound the rewards.

  • What is lock-up period?

    There is a 21 days unbonding period when you want to unstake your GRAVITON from the network. During this period. you earn 0 rewards and will still be suspecitble to slashing.

  • What are the risks of staking on Gravity Bridge?

    In Gravity Bridge, both the validator’s self-stake and the token holder's bond are at risk of slashing.

    Slash risk including in validator downtime and dual signatures.

  • Where can I explore the network?

    If you want to track your transactions on the Gravity Bridge network, you can do it here.

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